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Beautiful Stranger


Personal path-finding probs.



This is a seal with hiccups.  

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Make me choose : Henry Townshend or Leon Kennedy

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favorite video game series ( 1/ ?? )
 silent hill

in my restless dreams, i see that town. silent hill. you promised 
you'd take me there again someday. but you never did. well i'm alone
there now…


I couldn’t sleep last night


Silent Hill. Pyramid Head.


Best game endings ever: Silent Hill 2 - Dog Ending


Okay, you’re James Sunderland. You’ve been stuck in Silent Hill and during your stay here you’ve been attacked by monsters, met and killed a few people and seen a woman who looks like the twin of your dead wife die numerous times and in a very brutal manner just to find your deceased wife who sent you a letter telling you she was in your “special place” in Silent Hill waiting for you.

You finally get to the “special place” to realise not only is she not there, but you in fact killed her yourself and she is dead. You’re depressed, lost all hope and this town just chucks you back into the otherworld.

You walk into the next room from your “special place” to find a little Shiba Inu controlling some levers and looking pretty happy with herself. Turns out she’s been controlling Silent Hill and there really is no Mary. Just Mira (the dog’s name).

You fall to your knees, and Mira jumps off the chair, comes over and does some comforting gestures by sniffing your face and the game ends, followed by a parody of the regular ending credits and a VERY catchy little tune by Mira.

Here’s the video (x) and remember DOG=GOD!


Silent Hill. Bubble Head Nurse.


We’re survivors. Every day.

And the truth is, if everything is gone, you begin to love every single second with someone you begin to love.


Even untold stories have heroes. 


Dead Rising 3 [x]

Okay, new best friend you ready?




I’m laughing harder than when I first saw this in the 6th grade 


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